Part think-tank, part research renegade, part strategic advisory and part fortune-teller.

We help you get ahead of game-changing trends and impactful shifts that most people don’t see coming.

We’re based in Los Angeles, but our work takes us all over the world.

We are an intellectual blood bank and a cultural consigliere for really special brands, businesses, filmmakers and people who work with us.

Our work is crisp, bold, provocative, and filled with unexpected intellectual flair. Rooted firmly in fact but artfully woven like fiction, our work embodies the allure of the most interesting person at the cocktail party. People call us when they need strategic thinking that pushes the envelope, foresight that sees around corners and insight that stimulates the imagination. We deliver dynamic debriefs that are actionable page-tuners, not digital dust collectors. With the insight of a good comedian, the intrigue of a classified intelligence officer, and the curiosity of a subtly probing psychotherapist, we hope to make our partners feel simultaneously surprised and right at home. We can find magic in the mundane, and we can always find new ways at old topics.

Our thinking in action

Our work is designed as provocation and inspiration, intended to make people say ‘I never thought about it that way’. Most importantly, our thinking is a game-changer for our partners, their brands, their films and their businesses.

"Deloitte meets Dior." 
"Profound, immersive, intelligent and a bright spot in your day." 
"They are strategic fixers. Their presentations are crazy smart and entertaining. Is it weird that I talk about their work in social settings?"
"To say we were impressed is an understatement. Culture Bureau’s approach was refreshing and inspiring every step of the way." 
"Shane and Kasi have a remarkable talent for presenting ideas that are exciting and deeply rooted in cultural relevance. Their passion is a powerful source of inspiration." 
Press & awards

Our work and our writing have been recognized and featured in publications and festivals of film and creativity worldwide.

Sundance Film Festival
Ad Age
Marketing Over Coffee Podcast
The Times of London
National Post
The Chicago Tribune
Huffington Post
Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity
South by Southwest
The D&AD
The One Show
The Webby Awards